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I am currently a junior at a liberal arts college in Philadelphia. I will be applying this summer for some accelerated bsn programs- Jefferson, Penn (BSN/MSN nurse anesthesia,) and Villanova. I was wondering if you would mind looking at my stats and telling me about my chances:

Health Services major, Healthcare ethics minor

3.4 GPA (b- in bio, b in chem)

1 semester studying in a medical program in Copenhagen, Denmark where I learned about the human health and disease, medicine in Denmark, Poland, and Germany, and learned some clinical skills like how to insert an IV and suture, and took a class on pregnancy, birth and infancy in Denmark

job (over 250 hours) at the student health center at school, also a job this summer at an ophthalmology office

volunteer at a hospital ER

summer research associate doing alzheimer's research this summer and this coming fall, where I will hopefully be published (acknowledgements for a manuscript, and author for a clinical trial)

2 leadership positions on campus

I would appreciate any help you can give me/ advice. Thank you!!


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Some of the programs can evaluate your transcript if you send them to admissions. I believe Villanova and Jefferson will do that. Penn didn't prior to sending my application, but you can try. You definitely have a chance at all three, but it will come down to your competition that year. Visiting the programs helps your chances as does having all the prerequisites complete by the end of the year. Your healthcare and international experience will help. Your GPA is competitive but probably falls in the middle of the pack for the accelerated programs, but it's all about the whole package. Good luck!

Don't know about the other schools but I think your chances are good at Jeff.

I was admitted to their 2nd degree BSN/MSN program with a much lower GPA. In fairness however, I should note that I also had a much more recent graduate degree (MBA) from Drexel with very good GPA which probably helped quite a bit and a number of years working as a volunteer EMT that again may have helped.

You sound like a much better prospect than I was however and I'd reckon that if I could get in, you should be a lock. Best of luck to you.