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Not sure if anyone has experienced this and may know the answer. How do I answer the moral character questions on the board of nursing license renewal form if I have a pending DWI case?

I have a pending DWI case in court. My lawyer pleaded not guilty. I'm due back in court in the new year. My nursing license renewal is due before then. If anyone is familiar with the New York Board of Nursing questions. My lawyer said I can say no to all questions. But I'd love a second opinion.
And I am also wondering if the BON is notified of my arrest or is it when I'm convicted? Thanks for your time.

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Read the renewal form carefully. Some states might indicate you need to report convictions and in some states you might need to report arrests as well. I'm not from NY so I have no clue what their reporting requirements are but it will be written in that section of the form what you need to report for that state as well as what documentation you have to provide if you need to report at all.  If NY is a state where you need to report arrests bring that to your lawyer's attention and get advice before completing the renewal application

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