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I've recently been accepted into nursing school, and am currently a practical nurse. I was dropped from classes because I'm still pending approval from the BON. I've always been honest about past arrest with employers, as well as with the BON. I'm under investigation for 2 misdemeanor charges that occurred 17/18 years ago and 1 recent misdemeanor that occurred 2 years ago. I've complied with the boards and sent everything asked of me, except dispositions, arrest records, court minutes, and arrest records for the charges tht are 17/18 years old. I've gone to every agency & court to obtain the records but am told due to me getting an expungement on 1 and the age of the other, that no records are available in the database. I have asked for letters explaining/stating that but have been unsuccessful. I'm an LPN for 10 years, worked in corrections, and as an allied health instructor, never been denied for any job. I've gotten several background checks that says no convictions, no records found, and no criminal records found. Also went to be fingerprinted by the state police headquarters. Still nothing. Every charge I've received has been closed or dismissed.

Are there anyone on here who's ever experience this? How can I provide something that doesn't exist? Is there anything else I can do? Should I go to my state representatives, general attorney's office? Should I give up because this has been overwhelming and very exhausting? Is there still hope?

Not looking for sympathy, or to be judged...I've made some terrible choices in my past, and have paid for my mistakes. I also realize I've done great for myself, and being an LPN for 10 years without disciplinary actions against my license says a lot about my character and how I've changed. I'm on all nurses seeing help!

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Have you asked an attorney who is familiar with nursing licensing? If not, you can find one through the American association of nurse attorneys (TAANA).


I've spoken with several attorney's who says they don't understand what else the BON wants if there's no records available. I didn't mentioned this, but in an attempt to get the records from the court I was informed to turn myself in for an attachment for my arrest since 1999. I paid an attorney to assist me with getting the attachment recalled, and he even spoke with the BON to tell them there's no records available. Yet, that's still not enough. I've contacted a nurse attorney who says it could cost me $5000 and an additional $2000 if we have to go before the boards. So right now I'm really lost and don't understand any of this that's going on.

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The nurse attorney is the one who is in the best position to know what is going on with the BON and your future livelihood is worth more than $5,000-7,000.

@dishes you're absolutely right! However, that's a lot of money I don't have 😢😢

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