pelvic exam before a chole?

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I have to share this with ya'll and see what you think :uhoh21:

I work for IM doc..we had an intelligent educated healthy 44 year old female ..Diagnosed on U/S and HIDA scan with dysfunctional GB ( no stones)

sent to local surgen for consult

C/O RUQ pelvic pain, urinary problems or other C/O Lab . CXR and ECG all normal

She sees gyne routinely

Physical HX includes HTN, allergies and asthma ..taking Hyzaar, Singulair and Advair

she went to the surgeons office expecting abd palpation, discussion of reports and shedule chole

Instead she was told to remove all her clothes and she got a pelvic exam, breast exam and oh yeah "lets get that gallbladder out next week" He did not discuss the rationale for any of the invasions.. . again she sees gyne yearly .. due in November

She was upset about the ordeal but wondered if this was a typical approach to chole? Made me realize how vulnerable even intelligent people are in the doctors office

I work for an IM doc who also happens to be Cheif of staff... unhappy about this encounter and now unwilling to refer to this surgeon. I talked with the Office manager who said ... this surgeon always does pelvics on women he is going to operate on..

becasue I made the referral to this surgeon I feel somewhat acountable for thier experiences

I say whoah : :uhoh21: uhoh21:

MY question

Have any of you heard of a pelvic exam for a chole? I am shaking my had in dismay.....

looking forward to your posts .. Darla


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I can't say anything from a medical point of view, but I had my gallbladder out 3 years ago. I can see know reason for a gynecological exam in this case. This seems highly inappropriate and should be reported immediately.

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Unless he can palpate my gallbladder from my vagina....his hand has no business being there.

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