peg tube cap dislodge, spills on finger


hi i wanna ask this for my friend. She has a patient who has peg tube and all of a sudden screamed because his peg tube cap dislodged and clear gastic content. so she panic and recap it without wearing a gloves on. what does she need to do? btw she has this small allergy on her finger due to cold weather. shes just new nurse there . does she needs to report that incident? thanks in advance.

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What exactly is a "small allergy" on her finger? Biggest concern I'd have is if she had an open area on her skin. Even then I don't think there is much that would be spread via gastric secretions.

All nurses get SOME bodily fluids on them at some point. Patient may sneeze and get something on me. Some patients just spit a little when they talk without warning. When this happens I try to keep my poker face and wash my hands/arms or clean my scrubs with cavi wipes or something.

And is there a reason she was messing with the PEG tube without gloves on? Even if I was bathing a patient or just changing the gauze under a PEG tube I'd have gloves on. Even repositioning.

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Her best course of action is to follow the policy for reporting blood and body fluid exposures as set forth by the facility/agency your friend works for. Any blood or body fluid exposure should be reported for testing and follow up as needed.


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I agree with the previous post, she should follow the policy/procedures that her facility has in place. She should report it and see what the director of nursing or nurse manager advises (especially if there is a possibility of an open area on her finger). As a rule of thumb, I usually put on gloves before I do anything (even to adjust a pillow)! At the end of the day you can't put a price on peace of mind.


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Thats what i told her she needs to always put gloves or has some always on her pocket . Anyways thank you all or the reply:)