peer interview=job offer?


I attended a new graduate interview day and interviewed with the nurse manager for a hospital 2 weeks ago. Yesterday, the manager called and asked if I would come to the unit for a peer interview this week. I've never heard of a peer interview before. Does this mean they will offer me the job or do they do this when there is still multiple applicants for 1 position?


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I had a peer interview and called back and didn't get the job. But good luck to you.

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A peer interview is probably one in which you're interviewed by nurses from the unit rather than the hiring manager or HR types.

The invitation means that the manager hasn't stricken your name from the list but you're probably still just one of several candidates being considered. Each round through which you make it is to your advantage but is no guarantee of ultimately receiving an offer.

Good fortune to you.

My hospital does peer interviews as part of the interview process. I met with a panel from the floor (a tech, a couple of the nurses, the nurse educator, the ANM, etc) -- every one asked me 1 question, then I met with the NM.


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Well , I didn't get the position on the pulmonary unit I interviewed for but the manager DID recommend me to the manager on spine and neuro...... I start orientation February 18!!!!!!