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I was just wondering if anyone had taken a peds travel assignment at Cape Fear Valley Med. How was is, were you housed in a safe area, is the town really as scary and dangerous as everyone says? It's my very first travel assignment and it's the only place my two agencies could find so I didn't have much of a choice unless I wanted to not bring in a paycheck. Whatever insight y'all can offer would be great. Thanks!


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Two agencies is not enough. But since you have an offer? The best attitude is "I can do anything for 3 months". If it is tough, it will make you a better nurse. For many travelers, one of the most important things is safe housing and indeed, housing is probably cited more than anything else as the key factor in the success of an assignment. Agencies recognize that. So many travelers go to Cape Fear that the housing should be well known to your agency.


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I lived in Fayetteville, NC for 4 years after getting out of the Army. It is a military town with one of the largest bases in the US. The people that say Fayetteville is dangerous must have been raised in Mayberry. Fayetteville itself doesn't have much to do, but Raleigh is 45 minutes way and it's close to a lot of big cities if you like road trips. Cape Fear Valley (the Valley) isn't a bad place to work. People complain, but they stay and they complain about everything in general.


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CapeFear Valley is chaotic to say the least. One of the most disorganized hospitals I have ever worked. Fayetteville is called " Little Vietnam" because of the crime ate. I have been blessed to have never had a problem and majority of my co-workers have had no problems.The staff is very welcoming and helpful to Travel Nurses. You will meet many travel nurses there as we are about 50% of their staff. Keep a positive attitude,be friendly and keep repeating " I can do anything for three months."


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I took an assignment at Cape Fear in January of 2013. I would NOT recommend this hospital to anyone as a patient or staff member. It is staffed by more than 1/2 travelers, and no one knows what anyone is doing. Keep searching. This was the worst assignment I have taken so far

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I worked in Fayetteville for 4 years. Like any big city there are some areas where you don't want to live/stay.

The local police department has a crime map on their website & many realtors also have rentals. Because it is a military town there are short-term rentals available. I would recommend Olsen Realty on Reilly Road. They can help you find something safe.