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Peds Clinic RN. A good start?


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I posted here a few weeks ago about the possibility of taking a FT float pool RN position within a hospital clinic.  I decided to pass on that due to many reasons but since then the manager has offered me 2 other positions.  I passed on the second one because it was again FT. However,  she did offer me a PT peds clinic job. It's 2 days a week which would be great for me right now since my kids are still young and I don't want to do daycare full time with them. However, is taking a peds clinic job going to make it harder to branch out later? Will I be stuck in peds? Will I always be wedged into clinical positions? It's something I worry about about in case I ever want to change it up and go to the hospital floor or something else. Thanks!

Jedrnurse, BSN, RN

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Don't focus too much on the future. It sounds like a fun opportunity. You can learn a lot anywhere if you're self-motivated, and that'll help you in subsequent jobs, whether they're peds or not.

Enjoy your children.

Katie82, RN

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Take it. Consider it a resume-builder. This is a busy time for you with your children, so enjoy the job and spend time with your kids. You might really like Peds. In the meantime, it will be another skill to add to your resume. But you will definitely not be "stuck" there.