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I am a texas LVN student and have 6months until graduation:yeah:. I am interested in working in a pediatric hospital with critical care. Any suggestions on how to get experience so that I can get hired. Any specific or general advice would be appreciated.

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Good Luck!!! If your state allows LPN's in the hospitals, than that is a great start. Check with the hospitals to see if they utilize LPN's. I live in Illinois and LPN's are not qualified to work at the hospitals, in any department. If your hospitals do hire LPN's, see if you can start on Peds, or med/surg and then afte getting some experience there, you can transfer. Sorry if I sound pessimistic, but hospitals here are the LPN's enemy.


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Try working as a CNA now at a children's hospital. Then you may be able to promote up. I don't always think an LPN position is an "advertised" position, but if you show good work performance they may "find" positions for you as an LPN. A fellow student/friend worked as an CNA during school at a children's hospital and now works in the ER at the same hospital as an LPN. She loves it!

Just somthing to think about.



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You will probably have a very hard time finding a hospital ped job, much less impossible to find one in critical care if you are an LVN, as we are not normally employed in critical care settings in any area. Your best chances are to a) work as a CNA or tech on a ped floor before graduation at a hospital that hires LVNs or b) when you graduate get any hospital job and work there for at least a year to get acute care experience then apply to any ped jobs that become available. Your best bet if you want to work in peds as an LVN is to apply to a Pediatrician's office or pediatric clinic.

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