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Pediatric telephone triage - Help!

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I've started a new job at a pediatrician's office, and have been there just under a month. Part of my job will be doing telephone triage some of the time. I've sat and listened to the other nurses answer calls for a couple days, but I am having terrible anxiety about doing it myself. I just don't feel confident enough in pediatrics yet to do it (prior to this job, I spent a year working on an adult med-surg floor).

My question is, does anyone have some good suggestions on ways I could prepare? I've taken home the Barton-Schmitt book a couple times to read through it, but I really feel as though I need something more. Does anyone know of an online course, perhaps? I really don't feel the need to try to get certified at this time.

Thanks for your help!

There is a telephone triage guide for oncology nurses, so there is probably one for peds. The one for onc nurses leads the nurse through specific signs and symptoms, ranging from seemingly minor to severe. Additionally, basic information about telephone triage nursing is provided, including tips, assessment, legal concerns, use of guidelines and models of telephone triage. Is this helpful? :specs:

If you keep BS protocol by the phone and use it exactly, you will never go wrong.

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Yeah follow your companies protocols. If your gut feeling superseds it then go with your gut and send them in to the ED or UC.

It's tough adhering to thee protocols completely using only their questins and stuff. I tend to like to get more info then the protocols provide but the company frowns on that. "Only ask what the protocols asks"

What they want are robots/Stepford Wives!

I have been a Pediatric Nurse for over 30 years. I started telephone triage in 1992. I am now disabled due to multiple health problems. I would give anything to be able to work again, but maybe this will help. I used Barton-Schmitt as refrence, but most important, listen to the parent, and ask questions, ie, when did symptoms start?,what are symptoms?, is there anything that helps? I usually would ask questions related to problem-if mom said eye red, I would ask if fever,swelling,drainage,itching,etc. Then,depending on answers,give advice that my group of docs approved.If you have any specific questions,I would be happy to help. Be sure to stay within your companies' protocols, so as to not get reprimanded. If you question what is allowed, just ask the practioner-usually they would prefer you ask,than just give advice(especially if you have just started working with them). I hope this has been helpful. I could go on,but didn't want to bore you.

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