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I was wondering if anyone out there has any info on Robinul dosing in pediatrics. My question is in regards to my home health case with a 12 year old child, 65 pounds, with the diagnoses of CP, Sz disorder, GERD and encephalopathy. She had an URI this pat month with a lot of congestion. Her MD has tried a lot of med changes (she has had a lot of other symptoms as well) but recently is adjusting her Robinul dose. She currently is getting 1.5mg in the am and 2mg in the pm. I have looked in my drug reference book and cannot find the mg/kg/24hours. I don't have access to a PDR, so if anyone can help out? Jackie


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I found the med listed on but I'm not familiar with it, so I'll let you go there and figure out the dosage... LOL. I've found that website to be one of the best ones on the net to look up drugs at home, both for myself, and for work. Good luck!


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I work at a children's hospital, and our formulary lists the appropriate po dose of Robinul:

For control of secretions:

Oral: 40-100 mcg/kg/dose 3-4 times/day

When I do the math, I get 1.18 to 2.96 mg/dose, but double check me. Seems like your patient could get more than is being prescribed, since it is recommended 3 to 4 times per day. Also consider that the oral form is poorly absorbed, only 10% being absorbed via this route.

:D Hope this helps!


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I work in pediatric home care...4 of 10 kids on case load take Robinal. All are near the same size as your kiddo and are on 2mg TID (all prescribed by different docs). The drug is pretty specific to oral secretions and we have had no problems (or luck) with it thickening trach or nasal secretions (other than the foamy can't swallow oral secretions).

Thank you NICUGal...didn't realise how unclear my post was until I read yours.

We have one little girl who's doc has her on so much Zyrtec to dry up her oral secretions that her trach secretions are like glue...he keeps saying that he doesn't want to give her Robinal because he is afraid it will dry her out to much, we can't convince him that she has NO nasal congestion, she has NO swallow! BTW...we are doing oral/nasal suction up to Q 5 MINUTES!

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We've used it on our kids too, but it doesn't really work for is more for the copious frothy kind you get from the kids with poor swallows and can't handle their secretions....the kids you have to suction every 20 minutes! I hope it works for you little one!

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