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  1. I am a Med/Tele nurse and I came to this area with a question about babies. I have a friend who has a 8 month old. Not a first time mom, has a 13 year old son. My question is, the baby's head is shaped very different and she has a bald spot on the back of her head(with lots hair on her head). What bothers me is where this baby sleeps.
    Since the day this child was born she has never slept in a bed. At night, when she was first born, they all took turns staying awake and either holding the baby or watching her sleep in the swing. Now, mom tells me that the baby sleeps in the bouncer which sits on the floor next to mom's bed. The baby is really too big for the bouncer, says the mom, so the baby is almost in a supine position. Mom also said sometimes she puts the bouncer inside the port a crib because the baby trys to pull herself up while in the bouncer.
    Mom also mentioned that she never covers the baby with a blanket because she fears the baby will get wraped up in it or smother herself.
    This child sits, pulls up on furniture, rolls and crawls. I just don't understanding why my friend is so paranoid. I love my friend and I love her baby. I am just worried about other potential injuries that can occur from restraining the baby like that. I am not the only one worried about this, our other friend also has concerns. Did I mention, both my friends are nurses.
    My friend is always asking for advice and listens to what we have to say about other things related to parenting. She says the doctor is aware that the baby sleeps in the bouncer.
    Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    First of all, the baby's head is shaped oddly and has a bald patch because of being in the swing/bouncer/baby seat. It could already be bad enough to need treatment. She'll need to wear a helmet that is adjusted every so often to reshape the head to a more normal contour. If it's too late for that she may need surgical correction. Your friend needs to know this.

    Second, any child that can turn himself over can be put to bed and they'll decide what position they like. An eight month old should be able to roll both front to back and back to front, but some babies may not know how due to lack of opportunity to learn. All babies need "tummy time" for proper growth and development. Awake and alert babies can be prone and will be totally fine.

    As for covers, well, the rule of thumb is that a baby will be comfortable with whatever the rest of the folks are comfortable with. If it's warm enough for a tee shirt and shorts, baby will be fine in just a diaper. If Mom needs a sweater and slippers, baby does too. At eight months I would expect the baby to be fine with a light cover. Entanglement is a theoretical risk, but I've never seen a kid in PICU from being entangled in their covers. From having their head caught between the mattress and the wall, yes. From getting tangled in the cord for the mini-blinds, yes. From falling off a table while in an infant seat, yes. There must be a reason for your friend's fear. It might be worthwhile finding out what it is, so that she can address it.
  4. by   JazzyRN
    does the baby have any health problems? almost sounds like a NICU baby with the bald patch and oddly shaped head. It may explain why the family was spoiling and coddling her by holding her everynight and now she has difficulty sleeping in a crib