percutaneous image-guided drainage question

  1. for a child, what analgesia or conscious sedation would be used to do this procedure when draining an intraabdominal abscess?

    the readings that I have found, also mention Lidocaine to numb the area

    Is this procedure painful afterwards and if so, which analgesics are better for a child?
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  3. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    What our docs would probably use would be a small dose of midazolam and some ketamine, or perhaps some fentanyl. The proposed site could be numbed with lidocaine, but not necessarily. With needle aspiration, the pain post procedure would be minimal and controlled with Tylenol. Even if they have to make a small incision, the pain would be tolerable in most cases. Large, loculated abcesses should be drained in the OR and properly debrided to prevent sepsis.