Pedi GI nurses here?

  1. I have a 23-month-old daughter who was diagnosed 3 months ago with baby GERD, who also had a c-diff infection from Septra suppression therapy. Poor kid had it coming out of both ends for a while. She is finally under control with Zantac and Reglan but her doc (rural FP) wants her blessed by a specialist. It took 3 months to get an appt and we have one in a week. If she's been controlled for 3 months are they gonna want to do anything like scopes or just observe her?
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  3. by   suzanne4
    It will up to the doctor to decide. It can go either way. More than likely they will just observe her, but if she gets another flare-up, then they will definitely scope her.
  4. by   TazziRN
    Thanks. I was just wondering what to expect. I have no problem with a scope, just wondering if they'll want to put her through that when she's doing so well.