Pedi Clinical fear

  1. I have my Pediatrics rotation this semester and I am wicked nervous about it.. I just feel so uncomfortable having to give a shot to a kid that doesn't wanna be there and in front of parents staring at my every do i get over this??
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  3. by   rnsrgr8t
    Experience will make things better I promise. As a newbie, just do the best you can to be relaxed and watch the other nurses on the floor to learn their techniques. Half the battle with kids is just being relaxed (learn to fake if you are freaking out inside) and remember their developemental milestones. Sometimes kids are going to cry and get upset but it helps to remember you are doing this to make them well in the long run. If there is something in particular you are nervous about doing, make sure your instructor knows so she makes it the best possible experience she can for you. Kids will surprise you with what/how much they can handle. I often find they do much better than adults! Guess that is why I am a peds. nurse. Good Luck! You will be fine!