Ped Onc - Can you talk me out of taking the job?

  1. Greetings and Happy Holidays!

    I'm a 2005 grad and took a job right out of school with an Adult Oncology Outpatient clinic. I absolutely LOVED the job. I was so amazed at their courage and dignity and I felt incredible honored to be allowed to be part of such a personal time in their life.

    To make a long story short, I left after 5 months because I didn't feel safe administering chemo without significant orientation and specialized education.

    After a few months off taking care of a family member, I am ready to get back to work. I've been offered a job on a Ped Onc/Hem/Pulmonay ward in a large teaching hospital. I've been very upfront about why I left my last position and they have assured me that I will get the training and support I need.

    I have excellent patient/family skills and I feel I would do well in this environment, as difficult as it may be when we lose a battle. I take great solice in knowing that I made their lives just a little bit more comfortable, be it physically or emotionally.

    That being said, can you talk me out of accepting this job? All your comments would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   climberrn
    While I'm not sure I understand your question, my answer would be, no, I can't talk you out of taking the job. My first job was in a pediatric step down unit that was, on any given day 80% hem/onc patients and I absolutely loved it. The chemo protocols were challenging but doable with appropriate training and the families and kids were wonderful. We were seeing people at the very worst/scariest times of their lives and most of them were the most giving, caring people ever. While I don't regret moving into the PICU, I do miss caring for that population of patients.
  4. by   bethin
    I'm not going to talk you out of taking that job. I believe there are special people for peds, NICU, oncology, etc. Sounds like you might me the right person and you need to take this job so someone who isn't right for it doesn't get it. Those kids need alot of comfort and I'd hate to see a rigid nurse with not much comfort skills get that job.

    Why do you want us to talk you out of it? If you want us to talk you out of it I bet you really want it.
  5. by   NCINDASUN
    Ok, I did it. I accepted the position. You are right, I really did want it over the other offers I got, but when I told friends what I was considering they all gasped and said there was no way they could do it.

    For some reason, it doesn't scare me. I don't start until January 2nd so I'll spend the time brushing up on peds, etc.

    Hope you all have a wonderful holiday and I hope you'll be willing to offer a shoulder on those really bad days.

    Thanks so much!
  6. by   climberrn
    Congratulations! There will be hard times but there will be a lot of good times as well. It's fabulous to take these kids through diagnosis to remission. I hope you love it!