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  1. by   martiegras
    Hi I am new here but have been in the pediatric field for almost 9 years (in october) 4 yrs as a CNA and 5 as a RN. I really enjoy peds and it is very rewarding the only draw back is perfoming procedures on them. It can be quite heartbreaking at times, especially since the little ones are crying and telling you to stop. But you always focus on the positive things which is that you are helping them and their family get better.

    hope this helps,

  2. by   cathy949
    Good advice from Peaceful. Try ER in a Paeds hospital. Nursing kids can be difficult and heartbreaking at times, but thankfully, the good times make up for these. Children need Paediatric trained nurses.
  3. by   pollux
    Is this a question?? No but really!! Where can you give care to someone and play games, have challenge and sing a lullaby, be professional and burst out laughing, learn every day and continuously search for new information....and I could go on but briefly where can it be more fun than working with kids!!!!
  4. by   live4today
    Originally posted by debbyed
    Speaking strickly from an ER nurses point of view..........

    We just love new ER nurses who love Peds because many of us are unconfortable with the Peds patients.
    You know.....when I read your comment here, it made me think of the year I worked pediatrics in a military hospital. Those ER nurses hated getting pedi kids too for the very same reason you mentioned. I guess that must be a pretty common thing then, huh? :chuckle

    The ER nurses were always calling a pedi nurse to ER to cath a kid, give them txs, give them shots, start IVs, etc. They were simply beside themselves when having to care for kids in ER.

    There are a few hospitals that I know of that have two halls of care in their ER -- One for pedi and one for adults...and that's the best kind to have.

    I loved working with kids in pediatrics! Didn't think I would enjoy pedi so much, but I ended up totally in love with that unit.
  5. by   jodie84124
    I've been a nurse almost 30 yrs. Most of the time I've been in NICU or PICU. PICU is definitely harder. There are more frequent 'really sick kids' You also have to be a specialist in every kid of nursing and still deal just with kids....cardiac kids, ortho kids, neuor kids, GI kids, surgical kids...I think you do get used to 'inflicting pain on children', but it always tugs at your heart. You do see many deaths...many of those senseless....but you see so many get well. You must depend on your fellow nurses for support at all times. I wouldn't change a thing. I went into management at one point and decided that 'God made me a bedside nurse' and there was nothing I could do about it. I still love it. And I love helping younger nurses move along in their careers and become good bedside nurses too! ER...even Peds ER either an out pt. clinic or fly by the seat of your pants...and fortunately there are many nurses who love that too. One thing...if you don't like your first choice after 6-12 months...change, for goodness sakes. Most of us have done more than one type of nursing. You don't have to decide at 18 or 21 and not ever change your mind. That's one of the great benefits of a nursing degree.....options! Good luck Jodie
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  6. by   Born Healer
    Hi Paris,
    I know you originaly posted your questions back in August and now that it is Oct. your questions might not be pertinent anymore, but I"ll reply anyway. I have 15yrs experience in ER Nursing and wouldn't want to work anyplace else. It is a highly explosive place most of the time, especially if you work in a large metropolitan ER/Trauma Center as I did. (A C-Spine injury has put my career on hold) We saw both adults and peds equally and I admit, I've called for a peds nurse to start an IV on an infant more than once. The pace is fast and most times there is not time to be playing games, as sometimes I wish there could be. Many of these peds are in no shape to be playing games either, and quite frankly, I always felt a sigh of relief when the peds nurse came to transport them to PICU (especially because I was being pulled away to care for a new case arriving through the door.) God Bless those peds nurses!!! In the ER you can't spend too much time with any one pt. If you want to concentrate on only a few pts. you'd probably like peds better. I wish you well wherever you choose to work.
    Mary Anne