NICU to Pediatrician's Office..interview

  1. I have an interview today with a Pediatrician's office for a PT job as a RN. I have 1 1/2 years of NICU experience. Working in a pediatricians office has always been my long term goal and I am just over the top that I was actually granted this interview today. Anyone have any hints or tips for the interview? I have never worked in an office before
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  3. by   pooh54
    Hey there, you'll do fine! It's a bit different, but can be a great experience. I remember having to learn the immunization scheds, basics of growth and development, esp for first time parents when they come in for well baby checks. I especially enjoyed working with the teens and their parents, could be such a challenge! Most peds offices are very kind while you're learning the ins and outs so go in, shoulders high and enjoy!
  4. by   BoonersmomRN
    Thanks. I don't think I got it though. The interview actually went really,really well ( I thought). I interviewed with the nurse manager, a pediatrician on staff, and the preceptor. I walked out feeling really good about it. She said she had 2 more people to interview and I would know next week. When I got home though I noticed she placed the ad again today after my interview( where I saw it originally). I can only guess she placed it because she is looking for more candidates. I'll keep my chin up but it doesn't look good
  5. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    Or it could be that she bought several days' worth of classified space because it was cheaper than one or two. Don't overthink things too much, 'kay?
  6. by   pooh54
    Right, what janfrn said. Many ads are placed for a certain number of days...cheaper by the dozen. Where are you in MD? I know GTUH is often looking for outpt nurse as well as Children's in their outlying specialty clinics....go to their websites for jobs. Good luck!