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  1. Hi All,

    I am going to be interviewing at Florida Hospital Disney Pavilion in Orlando for a Peds and/or NICU position. I really want either position. The thing is that its a mass interview situation where they interview a bunch of candidates on one day. Any tips on how I can make myself stand out more?
    I already work as a floating pool patient care tech for the past year at Orlando Regional Medical Center which is a level one trauma center and I have worked all the floors there from oncology, to ortho, to ICU, to med/surg as a tech. I did my practicum at a pediatric hospital, Arnold Palmer. I am going for my BSN which I will have in May.
    I already interviewed at Arnold Palmer for a peds job but got passed over for a nurse who already had her BSN.
    I am also hard of hearing with hearing aids which isnt an issue, I use an amplified stethoscope and hear fine on the phone.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   anon456
    Let your resume speak for your excellent experience, and focus on how you would be an asset to the peds world as far as personality and your ability to assess for subtle changes in status. Wear bright (but not too bright) colors, put on your smile and show some energy, because in the peds world you need it. Focus on your social skills and life experience in handling difficult situations with good outcomes. While the kids are the patients, so are the parents-- and they are the ones who will fill out the patient satisfaction surveys at the end of the visit. I would actually use your hearing status as an advantage so that kids can relate to you having special needs like some of them do. Just mention it in passing but tell a story if there's time on how your hearing aides helped a patient relate to you more.
  4. by   seb1202
    hey ! i have an interview there too! jan 14. when is yours? and how did you know they were hiring nicu? HR just said general peds so i thought it would just be med/surg, but maybe i assumed incorrectly. would love to hear back! good luck!
  5. by   Whitewlf00
    Mine is Jan 14th as well for peds oncology. Its weird that HR said my interview was for a specific dept where other people I've talked to said their interview was for all the depts (gen peds). So I dunno..
    The recruiter via email said that they still had openings for peds and nicu and that mother/baby and ED were no longer looking for GN's.
    Anyways Good Luck!
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  6. by   seb1202
    hm, well i am now more confused! haha, i know peds med/surg is sometimes called general peds so i guess im confused as to whether its for that unit or just a general interview for all peds options that are available right now. i think i will call and ask this week. so you said you are interviewing for peds oncology- what about nicu? do you know of anyone that was told specifically they were interviewing for nicu? or was everyone you heard from told general peds. sry for the incessant questions LOL
  7. by   Whitewlf00
    I think everyone I've talked to said general peds which is why I thought it was weird I got the one department. Don't know of anyone interviewing for NICU at the moment. But its another week before the interview day, so if I hear anything will post.
    LOL its fine with the questions...I'm obsessing a bit at the moment as well...reading up on peds oncology from my nursing school books since I heard that Florida Hospital interviews can be tough, a friend said they really drilled her but she was interviewing for an adult position.
  8. by   seb1202
    hey! how did your interview go? heard anything back? i had mine with nicu and general peds. she said we'd hear back in about a week :X !
  9. by   Whitewlf00
    Nothing yet
  10. by   seb1202
    well, i didnt get the job. my search continues....
  11. by   Whitewlf00
    I didnt get anything either...oh well, just gotta keep on..
  12. by   seb1202
    well that makes me feel a little better. i felt kinda down for a couple days (okay fine, i bawled my eyes out)- but i have done my grieving and am now moving on. good luck to you too
  13. by   soxintricate
    Hey guys! I'm about to interview for a new grad peds job. I'd appreciate any tips you have for me as I prepare for my interview. I'm also wondering where you guys ended up in the world of nursing.