Need your advise/ encouragement, PLEASE

  1. I just started`ped med-surg in CHOC. I have been staying at home for 3 years raising kids, but before I did LTC geriatric nursing. My first week of orientation went OK, but it seems they expect me to know more than I feel I know. I think I will be on my own in 1 more week. I'm terrified of making a mistake about how to do IV, calculate the correct rate, procedures. I'm also afraid to walk into the rrom, have a code and freeze up- I have never done a code in my life! What if I don't do it right? What if I won't be able to handle it? So many questions, so many doubts. How do I become more sure in myself? How long does it take to reaaly get your feet wet? Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   ItsyBitsySpider
    All I can say is everything you're feeling is completely normal. I do think that if you don't feel ready to be on your own then absolutely ask for a little more orientation. I don't see why they would have a problem with that. Just take your time and do your calculations, drips, etc. Always remember the 5 Rights! Make friends with the other RN's on the unit and ask for help if you need it! As far as a code, there's really not much you can do to prepare for that. If there is one, just try to watch and not participate on your first, if possible. If you are the first RN to find the patient, activate the Code Team, call for help, and initiate CPR. All of your concerns are totally valid and in time will, or should, resolve. Welcome to nursing!
  4. by   vamedic4
    Hi Natalie,
    First off, take a deep breath and relax. Your feelings are normal. Do you have a preceptor with whom you can talk about your feelings? Ask them for feedback on your progress.
    I have a question, how long is your orientation?? Seems awfully short if you're going to be on your own in a week- we give RNs 16 weeks here in Dallas. By that time they're feeling comfortable with the floor and the way things run.

    Bottom line...what you're feeling is normal, and justified. Nurses have a very important job to do. Ask your peers and preceptor(s) for feedback. And enjoy working with those little ones!!!

  5. by   JaneyW
    I also live in the area of CHOC and am familiar with their hospital--are you not in any kind of residency program because you are returning after a break and with no previous experience? I know that they would want you to feel comfortable and if I were you I would take the initiative to ask for more time and possibly some diadactic (classroom) training as well. They have excellent continuing education opportunities and I would take advantage of that as well. Good Luck and ask those quesions.
  6. by   tjb6929
    natalie, do you know for sure that you even have to calculate your IV drip rates? we all learn this in nursing school, however i have worked in a hospital for 4 years now on a pediatric floor and we never calculate our own IV rates. Usually the pediatrician will tell you what rate to set the IV pump at- based on the child's weight- usually all we figure out for them is the child's weight in kg...there are times that we do drug conversion and such, but not drip rates! all pediatric patients should be on an IV pump, because it is the most accurate way. Other than that i am sure that you will be okay and get used to the floor in no time. if you really feel not ready to be off orientation though, i would speak to your supervisor and just ask for another week or two in orientation...just let her know how you are feeling, they should be willing to accomodate you. hope this helped!