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  1. Hello- I will be graduating with my ADN in March in Arizona. I will be moving back to San Diego upon graduating and I am running into some road blocks that I was hoping some of you could respond to. I really want to work in Peds, there is one Peds hopsital that basically corners the market for all peds in SD. I have called all other hospitals and none of them have beds for peds b/c they are all sent to Children's. The problem is that Children's only has 2 start dates per year for new grads since they train them all together, I will miss the spring date by over a month and the next one isnt till fall. SD is way too expensive to sit around unemployed. Sorry to ramble. My question is that it seems wasteful to take another position in an area of the hospital that is not of interest to me and go through what could take months of a preceptorship only to quit soon after to get on with Children's and start yet another preceptorship?? The other option I thought about is maybe working in an outpatient peds facility if they even hire new grads in that capacity (?) until I can get hired on in a hospital but once again, i've always thought as a new grad, you should start in a hopsital setting to gain alot of skills early on. If I did that for a short time, would I be less likely to get hired on even 6 months down the road at a hospital since technically I'm not a new grad any more?? How do hospitals label you when you've only been out of school for 6 months but were working in another type of facility?? What other types of PEDs for new grads exist outside of a hospital setting?? I really didnt think I'd have this much trouble finding a position but it's already feeling way too overwhelming. Any and all comments are greatly appreciated!!! Thank you
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    I live/work in sd on at the Naval Medical Center San Diego. We have our own peds floor, PICU, and outpt peds. We do hire civilians at our hospital. I know that we are short on nurses b/c of recent contract issues. Have you looked into working there?
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    thank you for your response. Actually my first choice is to work at the naval hospital but I found some info about a new grad orientation there and its hard to tell if they hire new grad civilians!! I've tried calling and havent had any luck reaching anybody by phone. I cant tell if the info is directed for military employees or both?? This is the link I found

    If you know any more info about whether they hire new grad civilians- I would really appreciate it. Thanks again!!!
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    Why not apply before you graduate? SEcure a place and find out about orientation. That way you don't have to forgo your dream, or put it on the backburner.
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    I've heard that the naval hospital does hire civilians but usually you have to apply at Its seems a bit confusing to me. I too am moving to San Diego where my husband is stationed after graduation in May. I also plan to work in pediatrics. Good luck to you!