My 3 year old..

  1. I am not a nurse yet so I don't know the answer to this and was hoping to find out. My daughter is 3 and started breakingout in hives last Wed., she ate a Little Debbie Strawberry cake a couple of hours before and she is still breaking out off and on, could it be from that cake??? (Today is Wed, 1 week later.

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  3. by   BRANDY LPN
    It could be from the cake but that is not definate. I wouldn't let her have anymore just in case though, because what can be a mild allergic reaction one time can be a life or death event the next time. I was allergic to strawberries when I was a kid and I broke out in hives, now however I can eat them fine (thank goodness). I would try to keep track of everything she comes in contact with food, drink, laundry detergent, soaps, ect. and see if you can pinpoint the culprit. Also you can always contact her doctor for assistance.
  4. by   trish820
    Thanks Brandi. I have talked to her doctor and he gave her Orapred which I started her on today for 5 days. I thought he might want to send her to an Allergist but he said if this continues we would. She has gotten hives a couple of times before, when she was 18 months old and they were all over her and the only things we could narrow it down too was a peanut butter cookie but she can eat peanuts fine??? 3 months ago she got some after I used Lysol Cleaner with Lemon scent???

    Thanks again!!!!

  5. by   smk1
    my 3 yr old daughter is allergic to strawberries (gets hives ) and she gets a reaction even from "processed" strawbery stuff like fruit rollups or popscicle with small chunks of fruit or strwberry icecream. A week seems really REALLY long though...