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Does anyone know of a scoring system or resource that describes indications for albuterol use in children with respiratory distress? Last winter, I spent a lot of time arguing with our respiratory... Read More

  1. by   gauge14iv
    <sigh> I so love spirometry!
  2. by   rninme
    yup----still use bronkosol for refractory wheeze....oldie but a goodie. Still have the elevated HR issue with it tho....that hasn't changed. Albuterol is definately overused....if it's not working, try something else.

    LOL....I have a very special name for mucomyst....hate that stuff!! Once it gets on your smell it for the rest of the night .

    Isuprel also works....but I am not sure if it is even made for inhalation anymore??? are right..peaks, spirometry and PFT's!
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  3. by   camixander
    Hi All,

    We have an excellent asthma guideline at my children's hospital. They are in phase I, II, or III. Phases are classifications based upon the nursing and respiratory assessment of : Respiratory rate (based on age), Oxygen sats on Room air and O2 use, breath sounds, retractions, and dyspnea. Their are 3 options to choose from in each of those categories. Each option has a number attached (1-3).The computerized form actually does the calculation and it places them in the Phase that they meet. For example Phase I is a score of 12-15, Phase II is a score of 8-11, etc...This sounds complicated but it is REALLY easy and it is a great standard to use. Of course, not everyone qualifies for the guidelines, such as delayed, CP, and some SEVERE asthmatics, but overall it works.
    Phase I receives Q2h albuterol, Phase II receives Q4h, and Phase III receives Q6h and are on their way home!