1. Hi all, I don't know whether I should put this here or in GI. If you think it needs to go in GI, let me know.

    My 9 year old son was dx with IBS yesterday. My problem is, I don't seem to be able to get anyone to do anything about his pain. He has been in CONSTANT pain for two months now. It gets worse at certain times (night, morning, eating, pooping, even moving sometimes). When he sees the docs during the day, he isn't as bad. They aren't up with him until 11 every night because he can't sleep. He isn't in school, maybe a half a day if at all. Bentyl hasn't worked, I got Levsin yesterday, but that hasn't done a damn thing either.

    I am at my wit's end. Does anyone have any ideas/suggestions that I can put to the docs? I want our lives back to normal and my son is starting to get depressed....


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  3. by   Talino
    This is a Help Group for IBS. There's a Bulletin Board and a chatroom open 24 hours.


    I feel what the child and the whole family go through.
    May you find comfort and peace.

  4. by   semstr
    Did you try TCM? I know a few patients, who really benefitted with that.
    Not just acupuncture, but also hot and cold food and stuff like that.

    I am sure there are websites to help you on.

    Take care, Renee