How does someone get over...

  1. When I went to nursing school and did peds rotations, I found myself getting attached to the children.I love children. (Dont have any of my own yet) This does not happen with adult patients. How does someone overcome that?
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  3. by   MMARN
    I'm the type of person who is really emotional. Thanks for starting this thread because I would like to know myself.
  4. by   SFCardiacRN
    As humans, we are programmed on a deep emotional level to care for our young. It is seen in many mammals. Just maintain enough professional attitude so that you can provide needed care. And be prepared for those unfortunate cases that are going to break your heart.
  5. by   MissJoRN
    I'm in home care where it's even harder than on the floor (oh but my favorite frequent-flyers... I'll never forget quite a few) Anyway, if someone can tell me how to "un-attach" from some of my kids so I can consider the new job I want, I'd love the advice :chuckle
    On the sad side, the last funeral I went to was very tough... I loved that kid, but it was also very rewarding to be there, espcially with the other nurses and realize how much we all loved that kid and how much that child deserved nothing but love from the nurses that were there every day! If I didn't feel my attachment was up to the "standard" of the rest, I'd have no trouble leaving... I wouldn't deserve peds!
  6. by   JEANJAVE
    I work in hemodialysis peds...I see these little clients 3-4 times a week...nursing care is holistic...I follow up everything for their care...parents are more appreciative of the work that you do for their young ones...We go to some events for Christmas,like we went to Sea World on a rock star tour bus (funds donated by a very appreciative parent)...all the parents and our patients enjoyed that trip...Nursing in this area is very rewarding and challenging as well...