First Interview at a Childrens Hospital

  1. Hi, I am going for an interview at a childrens hospital soon and I want to prepare myself as best as possible and was wondering what sorts of questions are likely to come up during the interview?
    Any suggestions on possible scenario questions that are likely to come up would be greatly received.
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  3. by   willdgate
    Know assessment parameters for peds rather than just adults, review common diseases that kids get, that what this peds nurse manager asked me, it came from left field, I don't think I was prepared
  4. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    Scenarios will always include some growth and development elements, such as "Your patient is a three year old girl with suspected nephrotic syndrome. You have to get her vitals, including a BP. She isn't cooperating. What can you do to make it easier?" Do vitals on Mommy first... demystifies it for her and makes her less scared when she sees Mommy is fine. "Your fifteen year old transplant patient is refusing his meds. What do you do?" There are a few things that might work. Ask him why he's resisting. Sometimes it's something as simple as not liking the taste. Really cold lemonade before and after helps with that. Remind him that if he doesn't take his meds, he'll need to be in hospital longer. They hate that. Sometimes you can offer a choice about when the meds will be taken, but not if. (Works with younger kids too.) Pretend you're afraid you'll get in deep trouble if he doesn't help you out by tanking his meds. Be creative, but don't lie or threaten. Being able to relate to kids of all ages is a skill that can't be overemphasized.

    Don't stress out too much about pathophysiology. They know you're not a peds person yet, and won't expect you to be able to quote chapter and verse on moyamoya disease, or any other esoteric rarity. They'll be looking for confidence, relatability and basic nursing skills. Good luck!
  5. by   monstermunch
    Thanks for the replies. I had my interview on Monday and it went terribly. My mind went completely blank and I looked like a total idiot, I then kept on going on about how badly I thought the interview was going and then to top it off I left my portfolio in the room and had to wait until they had finished the next interview before I could go in. :uhoh21:
  6. by   willdgate
    I thought I was unprepared too, but I got the job, good luck