Clinic v. Hospital

  1. For those of you that work in peds in clinics - could you describe a typical day? Same for those in a hospital. I want to work in pediatrics, but I think the clinic setting would be a better fit for me.

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  3. by   PeakRN
    As a nurse in clinic you spent most of your time reviewing labs, calling in prescriptions, and answering questions from parents. Most clinics now use MAs for almost everything else including medication administration.

    In the hospital you perform assessments, plan care throughout the day, given medications, administer other treatments, provide education, and generally provide for the patients well being throughout the day.

    In my opinion the clinic is not a place to start out a nursing career. The basic foundations care are best learned initially in a well supported hospital environment.
  4. by   KatsRN2
    I agree it is not a great place to start. I have struggled for years having not gotten med surg experience. If anything, get in to hospital peds first and then move to clinic. You will allow yourself more flexibility that way.
  5. by   KelRN215
    It really depends on the clinic. In an Oncology clinic or outpatient infusion clinic, you could be doing a lot of hands on care. Other clinics, you might spend most of your day on the phone.
  6. by   gottagetmyrn
    I am currently a MA for a pediatrician. A typical day involves a lot of sick visits-swabbing for strep, flu, and rsv relentlessly. It can become very tedious doing the same ole thing! Some pt's require breathing treAtments. A lot of well visits and giving vaccinations. But typically, besides a few cases of skin issues or stomach issues, it's the same old thing day in a day out. I love, LOVE, working with the kiddos...but sometimes wish I was in an environment for conducive to learning new things. Of course, there will be the occasional patient that has something interesting, but for the most part it's just check ups and colds.