childhood immunizations

  1. I'm new to this site so be patient with me!
    I have a new family member who is 21 and expecting her first child. As a child, she never received any immunizations and plans to do the same for her new baby. Needless to say, as an RN, I am shocked. She says she and her mother heard they were "bad" for you, and points out that she's never been sick. Help !! I'm sick... What are/can be the consequences? Any feedback will be so appreciated.
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    Immunizations are a frequent topic of discussion on the site and those threads can be accessed with the Search function. Providing medical advice for members and their families is really outside the scope of the site and does not fall in line with our Terms of Service.
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    children's hospital of philadelphia has excellent info to view and share:

    vaccine education | vaccine education center - children's hospital ...
    the vaccine education center at the children's hospital of philadelphia educates parents and healthcare providers about vaccines and immunizations.

    vaccine safety | vaccine education center - children's hospital of ...
    download the facts about childhood vaccines pdf and get answers to questions about vaccine safety.

    to watch a video clip about why vaccines are still necessary, go to the "vaccines: separating facts from fear" video at and watch the three-part response to “are vaccinations necessary?”.
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