Cathing babies

  1. So, I know sometimes it is necessary to cath an infant.....but we have a doc that works up kids even with a 1 day fever! So.....since I was an ER nurse (adult), who is now military urgent care clinic, I dont have tons of experience but have done it and know now I will be doing it more. Thing is, I remember there being 3f cath I am told they have only 5f? It seemed to large for the 5 week old we had. Do they still make 3f kits?

    Also, any sites that have tips? I find like the elderly...things are not always what thy seem and they are so tiny....any websites with skills videos?

    And since Im at you agree with cathing infants, as I guess the new algorithm says?

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  3. by   hiddencatRN
    5fr is the smallest we stock and we use it on very young babies (days old) and the kids still often pee around the catheter. With girls, count holes up from the bottom and take your time visualizing the meatus.

    UTIs are a very common cause of fever in babies, and fever in small babies is a serious sign. If you're looking for infection, you need a cath specimen because bagged samples are so easily contaminated. I'd rather cath a tiny patient first before rushing in to the spinal tap.
  4. by   umcRN
    5fr here and I work in a nicu and peds cicu. In the nicu sometimes we would get umbilical lines for or micro preemies, but really, 5fr/6fr worked well on most everyone, and bigger babies (>5kg) often needed 8fr.

    And being that I work in two units where fever's are VERY big no-no's, I have gotten quite comfortable cathing babies, both girls and boys. And as I learned on babies I really don't have much to compare it too, boys are usually pretty easy but sometimes you can think you're in and you're really half way up the foreskin (if uncircumcised) and they won't appreciate that Girls can be tricky as well, for both I sometimes find that after scrubbing the area with betadine, it helps to use a sterile gauze to hold the labia/foreskin back to make visualization easier since it can be slippery and difficult after the betadine.

    Sweet-eze and a good swaddle never hurt too!