Blood draws on infants

  1. We are having a difference of opinion on how much blood to draw on infants. I am talking about heathy babies that ocassionally get sick, and are brought into the ER. If anyone has a link (of course science based) on how much blood/how to calculate the draw on babies I would love to read the information. What I am finding is ~1.7 ml/kg. Thanks!
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  3. by   myfavouritescar
    Depends on what you're testing for. We follow a hospital policy that dictates how many mL's are required for each test.
  4. by   EricJRN
    Are you looking for the maximum safe volume? Like myfavouritescar suggests, in most infant situations there isn't a set amount that we draw.

    Rather than "drawing a rainbow" as a standard practice, with infants we usually figure out exactly what the orders are going to be and then draw the minimum amount needed to accomplish that testing.

    Do you use Microtainer tubes or something similar to them? With this type of system, 0.5 mL is usually plenty for a green top (chemistry) or a purple top (hematology). Accurate blood cultures seem to require at least 1 mL, even from the tiniest patients.

    If you're using a Microtainer-type collection system and only collecting the blood required for ordered tests, needing to draw potentially unsafe volumes of blood shouldn't be a common problem.
  5. by   pedspro

    data from Phlebotomy Handbook , Data calculated by Dr. leland Baskin

    other charts have max draw per day and per 30 day period
    other charts are available based on Hgb.

    you can do a quick search on line: max volume blood draw.....

    and yes, you could draw too much blood. Hospital aquired anemia is a real concern.
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    make sure you get he entire link.
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  7. by   EricJRN
    Quote from pedspro
    Hospital aquired anemia is a real concern.
    But it would be very, very unlikely in the scenario that the OP asks about.
  8. by   wooh
    What you'd draw in an ER isn't going to hit the limit. When we worry about the max daily draw, it's when we're drawing the giant multitude of weird genetics labs that require a bunch of tubes and can't use microtainers.