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Pearson Vue Trick


Hello! I want to know how you know if you actually failed it using the Pearson vue trick? What would it say if you put the wrong credit card info? I took the NCLEX today and I hit over 100+ questions so panic took over and I wanted to hyperventilate. Despite that, I took my time and calmed myself while focusing on the questions. I’ve been studying for this but for some reason, once I took the exam, it felt too much. I don’t want to take it again because I really want to pass, but I don’t know 😢 

PASS: If you get the "good pop-up" then you definitely passed. THIS is the Pearson Vue Trick (PVT). There has never been a false positive.

FAIL: There is no definitive way of knowing if you failed. PVT does not reliably cover failure. If they successfully charge the $200 fee on your CC, then most likely (>90%) you failed, but supposedly there have been instances where someone was charged $200 but still passed.

People sometimes say that PVT does not work because they ended up passing even though they did not get the "good pop-up." Yes, this can happen, but this is not the PVT.