265 with Pearson Vue Trick March 2017

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First let me begin with waiting for your NCLEX to result is literally the worst thing you can go through. So, I took NCLEX expecting to pass. I was a good student not straight A, but a solid one nonetheless. I used UWorld to prep (because everyone swore by it) and it was set up just like the test. I took every question on UWorld and I did two practice exams. On the first one it said Very High chance of a passing, and the second test said High chance of passing. So I felt confident that I would pass NCLEX.

As I took the exam I tallied my select all that apply (SATA) and prioritization questions, as I thought these are indications of passing. I would say in my first 50 questions more than half was SATA. So I thought it would shut off at 75 but it didn't. I stayed calm because it not shutting off is an indication of still having a chance to pass. I ended up taking 265 and I was PISSED. Majority of my questions were SATA and prioritization. I heard some many people failing at 265, and I though I would follow suit.

Afte I took it I did the Pearson Vue Trick (PVT) and I got the good pop up which I honestly though it was bull.... I did it so (seriously i idid it 70 times in that night) many times thinking it would change it's mind. The next morning I called BON and they said they had my results. I continued to get the good pop up and felt hopeful. Later that night I went to nursys.com and tried looking up my name. And THERE I WAS. I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT. I passed taking the 265. The stupid trick actually worked. So with all the research I've done i can say with much certainty how it works.

1. Some get the bad pop up and pass not often but it does happen.

2. If you get the good pop up you most likely passed, especially if its 24 hrs post test- pearson grades the test twice. Once right after taking it. again within 24 hours of the test.

3. I never heard anyone getting the good pop up not passing after 24.

4. Go to Nursys.com the BON usually puts you in at the end of the business day.

this is my experience with it.