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Can anyone tell me which type of pda is better for nursing? Palm Tungsten C or Palm Tungsten T3, they are both the same price. Thanks.


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Whichever one you like more and can afford. If you still cannot decide, then compare memory. More memory is better. ^_^

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Check out the forums at Brighthand.com or PalmBlvd.com. There has been lots of discussion in the past regarding which handheld is better. You're on the right track with Palm OS. There's more software (especially more FREE software) out there for Palm than for Pocket PC.


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I have a Palm Tungsten E. http://store.palmone.com/product/index.jsp?productId=1387782&cp=1307020&parentPage=shop Here's where I got mine- it arrived in 2 days (free shipping), and I'm quite happy with it. Plus, it's about $200 cheaper than the T3. If you want the built-in wireless, I'd get the T3. I wouldn't worry so much about memory- I put my larger files on a memory card to save space.

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