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Ok, so I just got my acceptance letter friday( yeah) for fall term RN program.

Well my best friend also got in. He told me today that he thinks we need to get PDA's for school. He thinks it will be a big help in pharmocology & stuff to be able to download to the PDA & find stuff fast.

Just wondered what you all that are already in school think about PDA's. Are they worth it or not? If They are worth it does anyone have suggestions on which one to get?

Just curious on what everyone thinks. Don't want to spend that kind of money if I don't need it or won't really use it.

Thanks a bunch.


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Hi abr,

Many threads here and in the general nursing discussion section have discussed PDAs - you can do a search. Do you NEED a PDA - well, that depends on your definition of need. :chuckle I love mine - wouldn't be without it. Does it help you "learn"? No - it's just a great quick reference. The better programs will let you customize linked info - meds/diagnoses/signs & symptoms, etc.

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