Do you have to have a PDA for nursing school?

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Nope, I want one though.


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Blackberry (PDA/Phone)

Can't beat it.

Internet, Phone, Software packages like epocrates + drug calculation software + ms office compatible, built in voice recorder/video recorder (used in certain circumstances), upgradeable memory (currently at 16GB, will up it to 32GB as soon as the prices are more sane).

Love it...

Love it so much I sold my laptop. :D


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personally, i think its a waste of money. but hey thats just me.

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we were given one (Palm or HP depending on our computer specs). Just about everyone hates theirs. I will probably get a blackberry once I am able to upgrade my phone next month. I know others are using their iPod touch instead of their PDAs. IMO (as well as my classmates) the Palm and HPs are just not that user friendly compared to other devices (eg. blackberry, iPod touch) out there.

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You don't have to buy one, but I got one because of the convenience factor. I also have the PEPID program on it, which is great. Better than lugging heavy books around to clinical!

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