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you can get a decent pda for 100/150 with 8 mg expandable no color but everything you need for work.

i used my sony clie since my senior year in school and now it works wonders in the ER.

definitely worth the investment!!!!

xoxo Jen

pm me if you need to know some great progs or something!!!

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I could use information starting at which is a good pda? and good software? tia



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I just bought a Palm m130 with 8 mg and a color screen for $130 on Ebay. I didn't have to pay sales tax and the shipping was very minimal. Plus, it came with a car charger and a keyboard. I have since downloaded a drug program (called Epocrates) that's great (I LOVE the interaction program it has...just pick up to 30 different drugs and it will run the interactions between any or all of them). I also have a program on there to keep track of my Body For Life fitness routine..much easier to cart that thing around the gym then my big dorky notebook! I also have a budget program on there, Taber's medical, and a grocery shopping program as well. I think I only paid for the fitness and the Taber's. The rest were free from http://www.Palmgear.com

You can also check out skyscape.com for medical/nursing software. I can also expand my memory to 16mg with a removable memory card.

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100-150 pays my electric bill.

Maybe someday in college i can afford one. By then it'll be something more expensive and more advanced.


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LOL..oh, I didn't pay for mine....with a family of four on one income (which isn't much) and no financial help education wise (I don't even qualify for a damn goverment LOAN!!) there is no way we could afford to drop that kind of money on something that doesn't pertain to keeping food in my stepkids mouths or a roof over their heads. It was a 30th birthday gift that my mom and stepdad gave me money to buy. They didn't know what to get me and everyone had already helped out with all the other nursing school necessities such as scrubs, steth, etc. So I decided to get one of those to help organize my life a bit better than having a million sticky notes spread out all over the place. It has been quite the lifesaver, I must say!!!


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Handspring Trio 90, bought on internet for

This particular model i liked because it has a keyboard and is riduculously small..have never saw one smaller. Sony now has one with a keyboard i love, but it is at 400usd. That is what i have invested in my current set up, but I have 250 dollars worth of programs which i use all the time in the ER. I am always using mine for syringe compatibility, peak times and onset times for drugs, then also i use it for dictionary for those medical words i have frankly FORGOT the meaning of. To me it was worth investing less in the pda, and more in the software, have bever regreted that.

Also for those who are just now thinking of buying a PDA, remember there are two different OS out there, and they are not compatible (programs) so you have to make a decision between Windows and Palm. You can get most any program for each OS, problem comes with file sharing, say you have a Sony (palm OS) and your friend has a Dell (windows OS), you cannot share programs......

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