PCT's- Do you miss LTC?

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This is a question to any PCT's out there who started their career in the nursing home.

Do you miss LTC? I sure do!

Working in a hospital has its perks; better pay, easier work, better hours. But I miss developing relationships with residents like you get to in a nursing home...

Anyone else feel the same way?

Unfortunately I can't answer that question although I will say after a lot of negative feedback I've been getting about LTCs it's nice to hear someone wants to go back.

I did!

I left the hospital for several reasons, the main two were: 1. I had trouble getting enough hours, since everything was dependent on the ever changing census, and 2. I did miss the relationship with residents. That is my favorite thing about being an aide, so the hospital just wasn't a good fit for me.

I did know I didn't want to go back to geriatrics, so I'm now working at a pediatric facility for developmentally disabled kids (and adults). I love it and don't want to work in any other area. So, don't feel weird about preferring LTC, everyone has their place. :)

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No, I dont miss the LTC.. do miss the residents, but since I didn't have time to give them proper care.. nor the help to give them proper care, Iw as esentially failing them. And working in the hospital is a constant learning experience.. and not necessarily easier, just different.

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