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PCT Resume

by sdawana sdawana (New) New

I have applied to several hospitals in my area for PCT positions. I have not gotten any response. I only have experience with in home care. (I'm still in school) I'm not sure what they are looking for on my resume. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

First of all, I'd like to say it is not easy getting a job nowadays. In my opinion, no longer can you just submit a resume online and think they are going to give you a call. It doesn't work like that anymore. You want to stand out and show the employers that you are really interested in the job. I'm a nursing student in my 4th semester and I have yet to acquire a PCT job. I'm actually waiting on a student nursing position because I actually "reached out" to the DON. I just got more aggressive with the job hunt. Try finding out contact information to nurse managers, DON...network...find connections to help get your foot in the door. Just emailing a manager about your interests and your resume can show them that initiative and drive you have in you. They like to see that.

I've seen stories of people getting called the next day because they called/emailed the manager. In fact, I got called the same day after meeting with a manager. So keep applying, and try going out of the box. "Hello, my name is ___ I recently applied for this position and wanted to check on the status of my application. I am interested in this position because ...and I feel like I would contribute by ....I would like to meet with you soon thank you for taking the time to..... you know something like that.

As far as your resume, always put education first. Make it brief and to the point. You can also put in a recommendation letter and list of references. I find a cover letter is also impressive too. Have someone look over your resume and check if there is something vital you can add. Good luck on your Job Search :)!!