PCT fresh out of CNA School


Hi guys! This is my first post on here!

I just graduated CNA school & got hired as a PCT on a med/surg floor (night shift 3 12's)! Any advice on how to be successful here (& maybe get hired on as an RN after I get my ADN)?

Thanks a million!

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I would start with a few basic things.

Be on time. Plot how long it takes to get to work and give yourself extra time. Have a backup route or two in case of traffic.

If you need childcare, plan for a couple of backup options for that, just in case.

Plan how you will get sleep during the day. White noise from a fan? Blackout curtains? Earplugs?(I lived in an apartment complex where landscaping crews would blast the mega lawnmowers and leafblowers all morning long.)

At work, showing up on time with a willingness to work and a pleasant attitude goes a long way.

I worked as a CNA for four years while in school. Although it didn't lead to a job (we never hire new grads here, sorry), it was a flexible job that let me work my way through school.

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ALWAYS WORK HARD. Whether you've just started or whether you've worked there for years. Trust me, people notice. I am a very hard worker on my unit and the nurses highly appreciate me (to the point of profusely thanking me when I'm literally just doing my job), while talking down about many other techs' and medics' work ethic. There are several nurses who are genuinely happy when they see that I'm working with them. Having a great work ethic and attitude will win you notoriety for it and help you whether you need references, recommendations, etc. Good luck! And congratulations :)!

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Welcome and congratulations. What makes things easier for me that may work for you -

*Before shift:grab all items you may need for your car, commute, body, and work.

(Can of fix a flat, phone charger, triple A or roadside assistance info, get gas.

(Any OTC's you take, water, snacks with complex carbs so you stay fuller longer without bloating or having gi issues, tums, gas x, and hands free headset if you need to use your phone and drive.)

(Extra set of scrubs, shoes, bra. And underwear if you wear those. Tampons or pads. Even if it's not for your use. Or if you're a guy, coworkers will appreciate you. Make up for touchups-yeah, sue me, I want to look flawless if time allows. Paper, pens, highlighters, maybe a medical reference book, perhaps candy if you have a candy bowl. It's not for every floor. But I used to bring in suxkers and it was very appreciated. Lastly, if you're allowed to. And you have time to, schoolwork, as long as no one needs help and your patients have everything they need.