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Pcc nursing school cohort 2015-2017

by Kwakle Kwakle (New) New

Hi everyone. I just wanted to make a thread for all the students who will start this fall at pcc's school of nursing (2015). I thought this would be a great place to get to know other students in the program or ask any questions that people might have about anything related to nursing. I might not have all the answers but hopefully someone else will (vacinations, volunteering, etc). It's time to start networking everyone. Strength in numbers. Btw, congrats on getting in.

Hey! Thanks for starting a thread. I am looking forward to getting to know everyone. We should start a Facebook group as well. í ½í¸Š

That's a great idea. I'm guessing it will take a few weeks before we get enough people to organize something like a meet and greet. I'll work on setting up a facebook room. Please let anyone else you know about this thread.

Unfortunately, none of my friends or former classmates got a seat this year. So I'll be meeting everyone for the first time. Super excited.

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I've already created a facebook group :) Portland CC Nursing - Class of 2017! Look it up! There's about 6 of us in it.

Oh my god. I can't figure out how to find the group. Can you add me please? I'm Erika Kahoe. Thanks! í ½í¸Š

Just joined the FB group. Excited to meet everyone!