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Good Evening,

I am attending a PCA course starting this Monday and is two weeks long. I applied for a home health care job today and they are awaiting my certificate. Once my course is complete what do I need? Attire and equipment I mean? Also, is it unprofessional to take notes when you first start working? Or to use your notes when you first start working? I mean, we are always learning right? Please let me know before I go out and buy everything I see. I'm so anxious!!!!

I took notes while learning a new CNA job and I'm still using them two weeks later. The charge nurse actually said, "You need to be taking notes" and I showed her my extensive notes I'd been taking. I think it perturbed her that I was one step ahead of her. I'm on third shift with 16 residents. There's no way I'd learn all their individual needs if I didn't take notes.

You'll need scrubs. You'll need a watch if you're going to take vitals. I also bring a couple of pens and keep hand sanitizer in my pocket as well as a few band-aids and alcohol wipes (for me, not the residents). I keep gloves in my pocket too, which are provided at work. Hand sanitizer is too but they're often out of it.

You will need a gait belt

I'd check with the nursing home or agency you're working with before buying a gait belt. The nursing home where I work provides them and I didn't have to buy one.

Take whatever notes you need to succeed.

scissors!! I'd be lost without my scissors :)

Great to cut soiled underwear (the facitlity underwear, not the resident's personal underwear) or pullups as sometimes ripping the side's can cause a huge mess! I've also cut the back of gowns when I couldnt undo the knot's, my scissors have come in handy when Ive helped the LPN or the RN do dressing changes, or when I've done cathetor (not inserts-not my role but will be soon :p) and ostemy changes :)

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