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Paying for College... HELP!


Hey y'all! I recently found out I was excepted into my desired program. Now I am waiting to find out if I will receive funding from WIA. The last time I talked to my facilitator, she said they had a number of people who were using funds for the LPN program and had to fund those who didn't get money for the fall before they can give money to people starting in the spring. My question to y'all is what would be some methods I could use to pay that do not include financial aid? I would like to save my financial aid for when I go back for my RN which I know will be more expensive. Ideally, I would like to stay under $25,000 in debt to get my LPN and my RN. I finally have a job and I guess I could self pay but that's a lot to try and come up with by working in Olive Garden waiting tables, lol. I have until January 8th. Plus, any scholarships I could get from the school would only apply in the fall. I am working and would have no trouble paying for the summer since I know already how much the semester would cost but I have to take a few classes in the Spring to avoid having to go thru the admission process again and being delayed until Fall. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions for me? Also does anyone know if there is a certain sequence clinical courses are required to be in?

I'm in the same situation as you. I start in January and I'm looking for funds other than my own. I'm not working at the moment and in Texas I hear that the Texas Workforce Commission can be a huge help in paying for school if you are unemployed and if you have no college degree. Also, I'm due to visit "Project Quest" next month. There is an orientation and then a TABE test. If I pass the test I'll get $4k for school. And I'm also using "Fastweb", "Scholarship Points", "College Prowler" and other web sites in my search for funds. And of course, I'll be heading to school tomorrow to fill out the financial aid packet.

Good luck to you!

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Does your school offer financing? I mean, will they let you make payments directly to them for the balance?

Keep in mind that the fafsa includes pell grant, state grants, unsubsidized loans and subsidized loans.

Some students in my program work full time graveyards as cnas to pay for the portion of school not covered by financial aid.

Good luck to you as well ManofStone. I might just have to do the same.

VintageMother, I would love to work graveyard somewhere but I don't have a CNA license. My school requires full payment upon registration. I wish they would give me at least until February to pay...