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tonight at my work i had a heated discussion w/ a co-worker about CRNA salaries. my co-worker said he has a few CRNA friends who don't make much more than $100,000/yr (a couple of them 'seasoned' crna's too.) i told him i know of several positions via GASWORK.NET that post STARTING salaries in the mid $100,000 range and go up from there. he says that those positions only pay so much by working tons of OT and being on call all the time. do any of the CRNA's out there have anything to say about this.


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i know that some of the crna's i know practically refuse to work overtime because they make 130k per year, and dont want to work any harder, and rarely do they work more than 45 hours per week, so to answer your question you are right. although it does depend on what part of the country your talkin about.



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i told him that it depends on what part of the country you're in. in the 'not so desirable areas' you'll make a WHOLE lot more. for example, according to GASWORK.NET in brownsville, TX you can make in the mid $200,000's but then again, you're living in brownsville, TX. HAHAHA

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The AANA has data on income of nurse anesthetists. It would be worth going to their web-site and see if the information is there.

CRNAs can make as little or as much as they want, depending on how hard and how much they want to work. I know a lot of CRNAs who practice part-time and average about $175,000 a year. But when one considers what we do in anesthesia we are never overpaid.

Tell your friend to sign on to this site and let me take him on. Remember what I said in another post--one of the things I don't like about being a CRNA is the jealousy from other nurses.



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ok, i think i've heard it all now. this guy says one of his 'friends' quit being a CRNA b/c he could make more money working as a staff nurse in icu !!! obviously this guy smokes some sort of illegal drug before he comes to work.


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Tell your fried he is out of his mind. I work an average of about 30 hours a week, and make WELL over $100,000 a year. I don't think I'd even consider a job at this point that paid less than $130,000 a year PLUS benefits (and yes, right now I make more than that).

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that's what i said. more responsibility and less pay ??? i don't think so. he's one of those older marine nurses who knows everything though (NO OFFENSE TO OTHER MILITARY NURSES).


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Maybe it's because he's military? I know they don't get paid no where near what civilians do. They go by a pay scale, their pay is determined by rank and years of service. Living next to a military base all my life, I've heard of so many people who want to get out and get a civilian job because they can make a lot more money (i.e. pilots).


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He's crazy! The salaries that are listed on gaswork can be off sometimes. Not all anesthesia groups/hospitals post listings on gaswork as well )


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