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Pay Scales

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Do you think that pay should be determined on level of education or level of work performed?

For example, in the nursing home that my mother is rehabing in, the Aides do the brunt of physical patient care. They bathe, feed, entertain, clean up after, take to the bathroom, change beds etc. of the patients, while the RN tends to things like dressing changes and med distribution. For the most part, the RN's are seen sitting at the desk. Obviously one job is far more strenuous and involved than the other. Yet the pay scale is based on title rather than performance.

I was originally going to make a cutting comment and then I paused and rethought it. You can not be faulted for thinking as you do.

But dear, physical strength is not always all about it.If it were that easy everyone would be into it. Bill Gates, bless his heart used his brains for something that is making waves today. He like many others too. But be that as it may, it's what you think though.

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