pay for rn in austin or abilene

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Is there anyone that can tell me the going rate for RN's in the austin or abilene area? I currently work in california and will be returning to texas soon. Any response would be appreciated.:cool:


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let me know as soon as you find out, i may be moving from virginia to texas, i called an agency and they quoted 24-27 in austin, here in virginia agency pays about $35, i dont think you're gonna make more than california, i worked there and agency paid around $32 and prn work in a hospital was about $33


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Hi, I do know that a new GN starts off at $18.80 an hour at the hospitals here in Austin. I have "heard" the hospitals pay the experienced RN anywhere from $21-25 an hour, possibly more depending on your specialty and agency can be $24-$30. Good Luck on where you decide to go.

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