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Pay rates in Grand junction, Co.

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I'm traveling to Grand Junction, Co. Can anyone tell me past pay they've been offered by travel companies so I can compare. I have 3 yrs travel experience and am working as a float nurse at the biggest hospital. Thank you.

Umm... you asked this same question here three days ago, why another thread?

Pay is low in eastern Colorado as I said before and so did your recruiter. If you must have objective information, you need to call several other agencies and get quotes (and then use PanTravelers calculator to compare). I've never seen a complete quote posted by a traveler ever, only isolated numbers like yours. What does $38 or $33 an hour mean anyway? Is part of that tax free? Are you getting paid housing or a stipend? Travel pay? Health insurance? It is completely without context and so will any number posted here by another traveler be without context, perhaps working at a different hospital, in a different specialty, at a different time with unknown supply and demand changes to pay.

See the issues?

Quotes from other agencies specific to you are the only way to determine market rates.

But if you must have a number, a few years ago, my base taxable hourly as a traveler in Denver (perhaps in the highest paid specialty at the time) was $21 an hour. Isn't that helpful! I also had per diem, travel, housing and insurance that made my overall compensation much higher.

Sounds like your a recruiter lol.

In what way?