Pay Raise after Passing NCLEX?


Hi everyone,

I was just offered a job offer in Milwaukee. I have no idea how much graduate nurses get paid, so I was just wondering what the normal is. Also, I was offered $22/hour. I was talking to another nurse and she thought it was sort of low. Would I receive a pay raise after passing NCLEX or do I have my facts wrong. Any suggestions or comments are appreciated. Thanks!


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the only people that would know is the nurse manager and human resources


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I am assuming that your job offer was recent and you had started. I think if you pass your NCLEX within the 90 day period from your start date which coincides with your probationary period (usual is 90 days ) don't know with where you work---if your employer expressed interest for continued employment after such period, I would suggest open the subject with the person who "offered" the position to you.

You may negotiate based on the passed examination and your demonstration of any clinical competence during your probationary period. You are either liked or not liked during that time. Good luck.

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