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At our agency we have to see 28 to be fulltime, regardless if its a SOC, ROC, Recert. I find myself working all the time, even at home doing paperwork...corrections, etc. We have a staff meeting this Wednesday and Im debating on suggesting that an oasis be considered 2 visits to count toward our 28 full time load. Its been mentioned before with no successs at previous meetings. Im not seeing a full 28 right now because Im new, but Im constantly doing SOC's, ROC's, and Recerts. I cant imagine trying to see 28 within all that. How many does your agency consider full time? And do they consider the fact that oasis's take more time? I need input before tomorrow, please. I need suggestions on how to make them see how much more work/time the oasis consumes.

Thanks for reading and thanks for any advice you can give me. :)


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6 visits/day, so 30 in a week would be fulltime, we do count soc as 2 visits, roc as one ( i tend to disagree with that one, think it should be 2 also) 1.5 for recert, one of discharge

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Thanks for your reply. Our meeting is tomorrow and Im gonna bring it up. They just dont realize how much paperwork is involved. I get home and I have all the corrections to complete, 485 reviews and signatures, SOC's to finish, etc. I agree with you that a ROC should also be 2. They are also very time consuming.


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one thing i forgot to add: mandatory meeting count as one.(up to 90 minutes)

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