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I posted something similar to this on the student board and thought that I might post it here as well. Nurses General Nursing


I posted something similar to this on the student board and thought that I might post it here as well.

We've started a program at our school for students to donate their unwanted books (math, psych, etc) to another student so that they might better be able to afford school. With books being so expensive, for some people, that is one of the hurdles that they have to overcome.

Soooooo, what I would like to ask everyone here who has recently gotten out of school is to donate any books that you might not need to your local nursing school for use by those coming into the field. Even the older "out of date" books could be donated for reference use.

It would serve several purposes. It would help lower the cost of education for some students. It might show those students that those that are already in the field really care about helping them in an indirect way. It just may make a small difference in the nursing shortage by giving someone else a chance to afford school. And it will help instill the teamwork concept in the new students!!

Who knows what positive things might come out of this? And besides that......who wants to keep dusting those books that we haven't used for a while?

Let me know what you think!!:D

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Sounds great but I would wager that the postage cost would be enough to pay for brand new books. But if you do pick up make sure you come to my house.


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:D A great idea!!!!!! Did this back in 1978 when I graduated and the students were grateful,indeed. Book costs are out of control and even if the text had changed from one book to another,the basic information was the same...Also did this with

school uniform except for one...we had a ceremony after the last clinical and we burned the set we had worn that final day!!!! :p


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That's a great idea with the uniforms....I'm going to see what I can do with that one!! Thanks!!:cool:

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