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I need to take the PAX-RN test sometime in the near future to be accepted into the RN program at my school. Does anyone know of a website with any tools/practice tests/information on this test?


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Buy the book that they offer... it's pretty much how the test is going to be. Review Guide for RN Pre-Entrance Exam (9780763762711): National League for Nursing (NLN): Books

Get the NLN-RN study guide for sure. The longer you have before you take the test the better. They have reviews on everything before the sample tests. Start with going through the reviews, especially for the science part. You may not need it for verbal or math. Take notes on things you have forgotten while reviewing and look up anything that you need more clarification on. Then start the practice tests. Any question that you get wrong you want to add to your notes and review reading on. After you finish the guide you will have less material through your notes that you will review until you feel comfortable with it. You're never going to know EVERYTHING, but this method helped me get a 99% on the NLN (the highest you can get). You also have to remember that they throw out questions that the majority of people get wrong on the exam (which is how I got a 99). The questions I got wrong, everyone else got wrong too. I also suggest taking a break between each section while you're taking the test. Go sit outside and get some fresh air and clear your mind for 5 minutes or so. That really helped me too. Alot of people just kept going. I was THE LAST person in there. It sucks because you take the science portion last and its the most distracting because alot of people are getting up and walking out. Make sure you really take time to read the question and all the answers before you choose one.

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